Board Elections​

The West Chester Cooperative will be announcing results of the 2021 Board Election at our Annual Meeting on September 8. As a member-owner in our Co-op, you play a critical role in our growth and development as we continue to find new members and to work towards the creation of our store. Our first board election was in April 2019, and we are excited to kick off our third election. Voting will be conducted online, beginning August 27. All member-owners will receive an email with a link to vote with more details on each candidate. Read on below to meet the candidates for 2021!  

The board is responsible for strategic vision and planning. Meetings are held once per month, and cover areas such as: growth and engagement of member-owners; development of budgets and business plans; site negotiation; financing; running a loan campaign; and hiring a General Manager. There are numerous committees that perform the actual work of those areas and report to the Board. The growth and operation of a community-based cooperative involves a medium-high level of commitment and energy. If you are interested in being a board candidate in the future, you would be part of a team, not only with other board members but also with our ever-growing membership. This is your opportunity to contribute! Please reach out to info@westchester.coop.

Meet the current board!

Meet the Board Candidates for 2021

What does the Board do? 
Jackie Photo cir.png

Jackie Baldassarre

I have been a part of a small business community since I was 12 years old and involved in my family’s business, Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roaster, and Artisan Exchange.  As a young girl, I would work the table at many Farmers Markets. It taught me at a young age the importance of coming together as a community and supporting local businesses. I graduated from Widener University in 2019 with a Finance and Economics degree. Shortly after I graduated, I joined the family business full-time as a Sales Manager for Artisan Exchange. My role is to help support small businesses by selling their products to local grocery stores, farm stands, and institutions. I am extremely passionate about what I do while truly enjoying it. Since June 2020 I have worked closely with the Co-op to provide local products for the GoBox program. And I would love to continue promoting the Co-op through social media channels.

What does the Board do? 
Photo -Nelly cir.png

Nelly Freed

I have a degree in chemistry from Drexel University with post-grad studies at Heidelberg University, Germany. My professional career of 48 years included product testing at the FDA, biomedical research at Harvard, development of radio-labeled products at New England Nuclear, drug development at Wyeth, Director of Health Services for the Red Cross, professional food tasting, and evaluation, clinical diagnostics sales and Sr. Director. Food and wine are my passions! I have contributed to 5 cookbooks and have participated in the same gourmet dinner group for over 35 years.  I’ve made wine for over a 10-year period, and I participate in 2 wine tasting groups. With regards to the West Chester Co-op, I have helped organize an annual meeting and organized and ran the 2018 Bake Off at Holy Trinity.  I have worked the table at the Growers Market, and over the past 2 years, I’ve volunteered at the Co-op store.

What does the Board do? 
Michele Photo cir copy.png

Michele Goodwin

My husband, Eric, and I have been calling West Chester home for almost two years and now can’t imagine living anywhere else. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I jumped into my banking career with First Union National Bank and First Union Brokerage Services, Inc. as a Branch Manager/Assistant Vice President, eventually taking a role in Training and Development as a Senior Project Manager and Training Designer. I also have experience working as a Conference Coordinator and Event Planner. Currently, I’m in the preliminary stages of opening a small distillery with my family in North Carolina. My 80-year-old father is a Master Distiller. I’ve been a member of the West Chester Co-Op since July 2020. I volunteer two days each week with the GoBox and in-store shopping, serve on the Member-Owner Recruitment Event Committee, and am working on the Co-op collaboration with Levante Brewing.

What does the Board do? 
R Pfohl board pic- cir.png

Regina Pfohl

I have extensive community development experience in audience-building (and in the case of the co-op, member-owner development) and fundraising. I also have 20 years of experience in program management and volunteer and personnel coordination. I love being able to  work in community development in the fantastic West Chester area and especially doing the work of building the Co-op and its mission in food access and food justice. As a current board member for the West Chester Cooperative, I have been working with the Co-op since its inception. I have also served as a board member to the Church of the Holy Trinity, Parish Hall Kitchen project, and Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Chester County. My love of the Co-op and the cooperative world has been long established and it continues to burn bright! I am very excited about the prospect of bringing a store which models democratic economic principles to our community -- just like the many fantastic ones which I have visited all over the country!