2019 Elections are over!

As a cooperative organization, member-owners have a vote into the governance of the co-op. This spring we held our first elections and Member-Owners voted for the new co-op board.


We are excited to introduce you to the new West Chester Cooperative board members!

Board Elections​

The West Chester Cooperative is looking for a few dedicated people to serve on our board. As a member-owner co-op, you play a critical role in our growth and development as we continue to find new members and to work towards the creation of our store.  Our current interim board has taken the initial vision to create this community and to begin the process of growing its membership. Now it’s time to expand the board with our first election in April 2019.  We have formed a nominating committee to seek candidates who are interested in bringing this vision to fruition.  There are currently 5 directors, and our goal is to have a fully elected board of 9 directors, as stated in our Bylaws.  The term is 3 years. 

Whom are we seeking?

Why you of course! Board members must be current member-owners. Any member-owner can submit your name to the nominating committee for consideration, and we will work with the Board to create a slate of candidates. Ideal candidates would be team players with personal/professional connections in the West Chester community and a willingness to serve as a vocal advocate for the co-op. We hope in the next couple of years to achieve a level of membership that will allow the development of a site for our store.  Helpful, but not required, would be anyone who may have had experience with membership campaigns, fundraising, long-term capital planning, or state and federal securities (loan campaign).

What does the Board do? 

The board is responsible for the strategic vision and planning.  Meetings are monthly, and cover areas such as growth and engagement of member owners, development of budgets and business plans, and eventually site negotiation, securing financing, running a loan campaign, and hiring a General Manger.  There are numerous committees that perform the actual work of those areas and report to the Board. The growth and operation of a community-based cooperative involves a level of commitment and energy to make it happen. You would be part of a team, not only with other board members but also with support from all the member-owners.  This is your opportunity to contribute!

What do I need to do? 

If you’re interested, contact any of the Nominating Committee members, or info@westchester.coop , and we’ll arrange a time to meet and discuss your interest and provide you with detailed information. Also, feel free to contact any of the existing Board members, and to come to a Board meeting (3rd Tuesday of the month at the West Chester BID office).  

Nominating Committee:

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