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Our Story

The West Chester Cooperative’s goal is to open a member-owned full-service grocery store. The store will advance our mission promoting the well-being of the people of West Chester by promoting healthy and mindful eating, improving access to sustainably produced food, helping those in need to secure quality food, advancing sustainable and humane agriculture, supporting local farms, and strengthening our community through cooperative enterprise.  We aim to bring transparency and accountability to every step of the food production and distribution process from farm to table, providing confidence for educated consumer choices and food that the community can trust.  


The store will be a friendly place where people will run into neighbors and friends while marveling at the glorious agricultural abundance of our region. We will do everything that we can to make it accessible to all members of the community.


As co-ops have been historically, our co-op will be rooted in principles of care for community, care for the environment, and care for the less fortunate. It will turn the simple activity of shopping into an opportunity to demonstrate values, contribute to the community, and develop relationships. 



The West Chester Cooperative board, volunteers, member-owners and community partners are working towards opening the doors of a full-service, brick and mortar store. The timeline below illustrates each distinct and important stage of development. Completed tasks are highlighted. We are currently in Stage 2B.

ORGANIZING: 0 - 200 Member-Owners

  • Organize

  • Hold community meetings

  • Conduct community survey

  • Form board and incorporate

  • Launch membership drive

  • Develop internal systems


Stage 1

FEASIBILITY: 200 - 400 Member-Owners

  • Explore sites

  • Conduct market research study and feasibility analysis

  • Develop capital plan

  • Setup member loan committee and finance committee


Stage 2a

PLANNING: 400 - 600 Member-Owners

  • Secure Site

  • Finalize business plan

  • Prepare for member-owner loan campaign

  • Plan for GM hire

Stage 2b

PRE-CONSTRUCTION: 600 - 800 Member-Owners

  • Secure external funding

  • Launch member-owner loan campaign

  • Finalize plans for store design

Stage 3A

CONSTRUCTION & OPENING PREP: 800 - 1200 Member-Owners

  • Hire and train staff

  • Order and install equipment and inventory

  • Final pre-opening member-owner drive

  • Promote store opening

Stage 3B

West Chester Cooperative will be a community-owned grocery store—that means if you join, you own it!
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