On October 1, 2020, the West Chester Cooperative signed a lease on a store site at 142 East Market Street in West Chester. Our member-owner base is now over 300 member-owners strong and our goal is to reach 600 by the end of 2021. Thanks to this growth, and many other initiatives, we were able to sign the lease for our future store site! AND in order to move the process forward, we need to raise money from our wonderful member-owners!

So we are kicking off our loan campaign in JANUARY 2021!

Meanwhile, we would love to hear from you -- please fill out the Pledge Form below and let us know that we can count on your support!


Why use member-owner Loans?

  • Member-owner loans are much less expensive for us to procure and payback than bank loans (banks add a lot of other costs to their loans, including fees, reporting requirements, covenants, etc. that are not included in their rates but make the overall cost of their loans higher).

  • Member-owner loans are a much more flexible way for us to raise money, without as many restrictions as a bank loan.

  • Once the store is open and making money, we will gain credit-worthiness and be able to approach banks for our larger project at the Post Office.



FOR MEMBER-OWNERS, our member loan program is an opportunity to invest locally in your Co-op while earning a return on investment and enriching your community.

FRIENDS & FAMILY, the entire community, potential future members and other supportive parties, can elect to invest in West Chester Co-op, whether or not they are members themselves.

So, please consider making a loan! Once the loan campaign is launched we will contact you with the agreement documents.  


Zero-interest loans are available and will enable you to help build the Co-op in a most robust way!

  • Minimum requirement of $1,000 with no upper limit for loans.

  • Flexible Terms will be offered (generally between 5-10 years)

  • Interest Rates: 0%, 2%, 4%

Pledges Received to date: