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An update on a possible store location

Recent events may provide an opportunity for the co-op to open SOON!

As we recently announced, The Great Pumpkin Market natural food store will be closing after more than four decades of serving the West Chester community and will be sorely missed. This presents an opportunity for the Co-op to possibly move into a turn-key, fully-equipped store space. At our Happy Hour last Thursday, we presented a plan for using this space, what it means to the community and future growth opportunity. We had a GREAT turn-out and overwhelmingly positive response! And we gained FOUR NEW member-owners that evening!

Click or tap here to review the presentation

Developments will be happening daily and weekly. We will continue to send updates via email and through our website.

But what can you do now to help??!!

Become a member-owner!

We reviewed a number of other ways you can help this happen, but more than anything, we need you, your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to become a member-owner!

In the meantime, stop by the Growers Markets on Saturdays to chat and ask questions. Or, please contact Marnie Rhen, President of the Co-op board at Exec@westchester.coop.

Thank you all for your COOPERATION!

The Co-op Board

Marnie Rhen, President

Cecile Adkins, Secretary

Kaitlin Kovell, Co-Vice-President

Sue Patterson, Treasurer

Regina Pfohl, Director-at-Large

Renee Ryan, Co-Vice-President

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