Cloud Nine French Style Cheese

Cloud Nine French Style Cheese


This is a French-style, surface ripened cheese. It is handmade to look like a snowball or cotton puff. If you like creamy French cheese, and a bit of a bite on the back of your tongue, this is right for you. Like peaches or tomatoes, Cloud Nine™ can be enjoyed right away while it’s firm, or ripened longer for a different texture and flavor. There is no "wrong way" to eat this—enjoy! This cheese won a blue ribbon and was Reserve Best in Show at the 2015 PA Farm Show. It is related to Brie and Camembert in taste and texture—enjoy with a baguette. It’s also great as an after dinner cheese paired with a Pinot Noir or dessert wine.


4 oz. package

  • About Yellow Springs Farm

    Yellow Springs Farm proudly offers both fresh and aged Artisanal Goat Cheeses. The most important part of our cheeses is the exceptionally good milk our goats produce. We breed and raise Nubian goats, with occasional genetic crosses, carefully selected for their naturally nutrient rich milk. Our herd browses pasture, cleans up invasive plant species in the woodland, and basks in the sun. Our goats also eat local hay, and organic grains. Al and Catherine Renzi make Yellow Springs Farm cheeses using age-old processes borrowed from both French and Italian traditions. Our original interpretation of these recipes, and inclusion of farm-raised herbs, nuts, and honey make many unique Yellow Springs Farm Goat Cheeses. Each small batch is handmade, and never includes preservatives or anything artificial. 


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