Linguini Pasta, Fresh 16 oz.

Linguini Pasta, Fresh 16 oz.



From quality to taste, the process of making the pasta and so much more, the differences between commercial pasta and artisan pasta produce drastically different flavors. As a result, you are presented with a pasta that is packed full of flavor before you even add anything else to your dish. Fresh pasta can be frozen to maintain freshness.


16 oz. bag

  • About Vera Pasta`

    Vera's fresh pasta is the mouthwatering culmination of a creative amalgamation – a mixture of modern innovation and traditional pasta-making techniques. It’s unique and eclectic, but every aspect of Vera's pasta making can be traced back to Italia.

    Using authentic and time-tested methods he absorbed during his remarkable exploration of Italy, Chef Joe D’Andrea crafts homemade artisan pasta that consistently engenders delicious descriptions.

  • Made locally at the Artisan Exchange Market

    Artisan Exchange provides an affordable environment that supports entrepreneurs committed to producing hand-crafted, sustainable foods while sharing sound business practices that have a positive social impact. The facility has Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture approval.


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