Milk, Grass-Fed, Whole

Milk, Grass-Fed, Whole

Available in pint, 1/2 gallon or 1 gallon containers. 


Baily's Dairy milk is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, the richest known source of conjugated linoleum acid (CLA) which decreases body fat and increases muscle tone. Baily's cows are raised on fresh pasture for a majority of the year, and produce milk products with three to five times more CLA than products from concentrated grain fed cows, stall kept cows. Milk from Baily's grass-fed cows is also higher in vitamin E, which has been linked to a lower risk of both heart disease and cancer. Dairy products from grass-fed cows are also high in other antioxidants including beta-carotene and vitamin C. Hormones are NEVER used on their cattle to increase milk production.

  • About Baily's Dairy

    Bailys Dairy at Pocopson Meadow Farm has been in our family for four generations and is the only farm in West Chester that produces hormone-free, 100% natural milk and dairy products right on the premises.


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