Ravioli - Roasted Tomato Mozzarella Caprese, Frozen

Ravioli - Roasted Tomato Mozzarella Caprese, Frozen



12 count, 12.5 oz. bag

  • About Vera Pasta`

    Vera's fresh pasta is the mouthwatering culmination of a creative amalgamation – a mixture of modern innovation and traditional pasta-making techniques. It’s unique and eclectic, but every aspect of Vera's pasta making can be traced back to Italia.

    Using authentic and time-tested methods he absorbed during his remarkable exploration of Italy, Chef Joe D’Andrea crafts homemade artisan pasta that consistently engenders delicious descriptions.

  • Made locally at the Artisan Exchange Market

    Artisan Exchange provides an affordable environment that supports entrepreneurs committed to producing hand-crafted, sustainable foods while sharing sound business practices that have a positive social impact. The facility has Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture approval.


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