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Board Elections​

The West Chester Cooperative will be announcing results of the 2022 Board Election at our Annual Meeting on June 2. As a member-owner in our Co-op, you play a critical role in our growth and development as we continue to find new members and to work towards the creation of our store. Our first board election was in April 2019, and we are excited to kick off our third election. Voting will be conducted online, beginning mid May . All member-owners will receive an email with a link to vote with more details on each candidate. Read on below to meet the candidates for 2022!  We are still looking for a couple excellent individuals. Please reach out to for more info.

The board is responsible for strategic vision and planning. Meetings are held once per month, and cover areas such as: growth and engagement of member-owners; development of budgets and business plans; site negotiation; financing; running a loan campaign; and hiring a General Manager. There are numerous committees that perform the actual work of those areas and report to the Board. The growth and operation of a community-based cooperative involves a medium-high level of commitment and energy. If you are interested in being a board candidate in the future, you would be part of a team, not only with other board members but also with our ever-growing membership. This is your opportunity to contribute! Please reach out to

Meet the current board!

Meet the Board Candidates for 2022

What does the Board do? 
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Tim Drake

I work as an independent financial planner to help people build and aligh their finances with what they value for a fulfilled life. Prior to that, I worked at Vanguard for 20+ years as a marketing strategist and project leader in their financial advisor division. A log-term resident of Chester County, I now live in West Chester Borough and enjoy stayin active outdorrs and playing volleyball, cooking great food from the WC Co-op, playing guitar, and spending time with friends and family.

What does the Board do? 
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Renee Ryan

Renee has been a West Chester resident for 26 years and has fallen deeply in love with everything that makes West Chester a unique community, from the people and businesses, to the history and the landscape.

Renee has held careers in the culinary,  hospitality and event management fields over the last 20 years, working as a Certified Cheese Professional and Manager with Whole Foods, a Cheesemaker and Marketing Specialist with Yellow Springs Farm and the Market Manager and Event Planner at Highland Orchards. In 2018 she found her passion in Real Estate Sales and Investing. She is currently a realtor with the Gary Mercer Team at Keller Williams.

When Renee is not working she is and has been immersed in the volunteering and outreach, developing mutually beneficial relationships and fostering a sense of community with those she meets.

What does the Board do? 

Sherri Jarvis

My name is Sherri Jarvis and I own a local small business called Botanical Bubbles. I created hand crafted soaps, lotions, salves, lip balms, and more. I am studying Herbalism and love learning about local plants. Botanical Bubbles participates in several local Farmers’ Markets and as I have gotten to know the growers and producers, it has enhanced my desire to promote locally sourced food and businesses. Our community is made stronger when you know the people from whom you purchase your goods.


I homeschooled my three children and I have taught high school science with a non-profit homeschool co-operative for the past 16 years. I also teach an Entrepreneurial course for middle school students with Hope Beyond Borders, a non-profit organization in Coatesville Pa. I believe strongly in promoting educational equality and helping the marginalized people in our community.

What does the Board do? 
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Could Be YOU


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