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Sponsor a Member-Owner

to the Assisted Member-Owner Fund

The West Chester Cooperative is a member-owned organization, owned by residents like you in greater West Chester, with the mission to open a full-service grocery store. The co-op grocery store will become a gathering spot, create local jobs, and support local farms and artisans. The co-op will be central to bringing healthy food options to all members of the community.  

As a member-owner, you invest in a share of the business which will result in direct benefits: 

  • Annual dividends of co-op profits based on each member-owner's spend; 

  • Grocery store sales & specials; 

  • Workshops & special events; 

  • An opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors, which will be responsible for hiring the general manager and steering the strategic direction of the co-op; 

  • A vote in choosing the Board of Directors;

  • Reciprocity at participating area co-ops.

Our ownership base is growing, but you can help us grow faster by sponsoring a member-owner! 


Donations received will be placed in our Assisted Membership fund. When funding is available to cover the cost of the full share Assisted Membership applications will be reviewed. No amount is too small! 

to the Assisted Member-Owner Fund
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