Meet the Board

Marnie Rhen
Board President

Why I joined the co-op: I joined because I wanted to be more involved in bringing the WC Community together, and feel strongly about being able to buy fresh local food more easily. The co-op felt like the perfect match for me when I learned of it.


Favorite recipe: Shrimp & Grits

Favorite Veggie: Asparagus

Sue Patterson

Why I joined the co-op: I joined the co-op because I believe in the value of cooperative ownership as an alternative economic model, the value of access to locally and ethically produced food, and the value of creating something that is not just a store, but is also a community hub for education, shared interests, and social action. 

Favorite recipe: Crab Cakes

Favorite Veggie: Sweet Potato

Regina Pfohl

Why I joined the co-op: I deeply believe in the democratic economic cooperative model and I know a food co-op will be the perfect addition to our already fantastic community!


Favorite recipe: Marrakesh Carrots (find the recipe here!)


Favorite Veggie: Cucumbers. oh, and, carrots.

Cecile Adkins

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist by profession, having worked in clinical and community nutrition, and private practice counseling for more than 20 years. I currently am an assistant professor and nutrition curriculum program director at Immaculata University. Originally from the west coast, I have lived in West Chester for more than 15 years and in England for 11 years.

I have been married for more than 28 years. We have two boys who are both at university. I am a people person and have always been an educator. I am passionate about food and nutrition as a means to prevent chronic disease and bring communities together.

Renee Ryan

Why I joined the co-op: I grew up in West Chester and am now a resident of the West Chester Borough, having purchased my first home last summer. I am in love with and fully entrenched in this community and would be honored to help grow the West Chester Cooperative. I am passionate about sustainability and forging an equitable society through our food choices.


Favorite recipe: those my Grandmother passed down to me, including her spaghetti with a German twist: mixing in oxtail soup to the meat sauce for an extra savory and umami flavor.​


Favorite Veggie: Spinach

Don Welsh

Don is a business executive with over 25 years of experience across multiple industries with a proven track record in both Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial, venture-capital-backed companies. Don's experience will be invaluable as we explore the possible opening of a new store. 

Don joined the co-op because he always had a deep connection to West Chester and wanted to serve this community. The mission, goals, objective and cooperative ownership structure speak to his core values and is grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Judy Carrino

Why I joined the co-op: I love the thought of having a member-owner co-op in the downtown area of West Chester. A co-op where the member-owners have a voice. A co-op with locally grown produce and locally sourced foods that is only a short walk away. 


Favorite recipe: This is a toss-up between pasta, meatballs, steak, burger, salad, bacon, bacon, bacon and PIZZA. 

Favorite Veggie: Spinach

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