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When will the store open?

Member equity will determine when the store opens. See our timeline built around member equity.


Where will the store be?

Our vision has always been a market in the Town Center district of West Chester. We are working with the BID, a professional location consultant, and local real estate professionals to identify the best site.



Do I have to work in the store if I join?

No, West Chester Cooperative does not require members to work. When the store opens, we will have member-owner work opportunities (not requirements) that will provide additional benefits.



What will my investment be used for?

Member-owner equity investments will be used to meet the capital needs of the business.



What will the store be like?

It will have on-site free parking and also be bike and pedestrian friendly. We plan to be open 7 days a week with convenient hours and a good selection of the products that you tell us that you want. We expect to have dry grocery, meat, produce, dairy, a prepared foods/deli section, and a café.



What kind of products will you carry in the store?

This question will be answered by our member-owners. Here is what we have heard from the community thus far: Local food seven days a week!!! Healthy prepared food from local ingredients!!! Fresh, organic, and sustainable at a fair price!!!



What about the Grower’s Market?

We LOVE our growers at the Market and believe the Co-op can help them gain better access to people who want local food. We hope all of the Grower’s Market farmers will become Co-op suppliers!



Is the co-op like a CSA?

No! Food Co-ops are grocery stores in which the community owns the equity. CSAs sell shares in the farm’s annual crop, not equity in the farm!



Is the West Chester Cooperative a 501(c)(3) non-profit?

No.  We are a mission driven business and our purpose is to serve the community but we are not a 501(c)(3)….we pay taxes!

West Chester Cooperative will be a community-owned grocery store—that means if you join, you own it!
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