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Board Elections​

The West Chester Cooperative is looking for a few dedicated people to serve on our board. As a member-owner in our Co-op, you play a critical role in our growth and development as we continue to find new members and to work towards the creation of our store. Our first board election was in April 2019, and we’re now preparing for the 2022 election in early-June. Our board should have a minimum of 9 directors and a maximum of 11 directors, according to our Bylaws. We currently have 7 directors, so we are looking to elect 2 - 4 additional directors for a 3-year term.  

Whom are we seeking?

Board members must be current Co-op member-owners. Any member-owner can submit his/her name for consideration. A current board member will contact and interview those who are interested, and the board will determine the final slate of candidates. An ideal candidate would be a team player with personal/professional connections in the West Chester community and a willingness to serve as a vocal advocate for the Co-op. Our focus is to achieve a level of member-ownership that will allow the development of a site for our store. Helpful, but not required, would be anyone who has experience with membership campaigns, fundraising, long-term capital planning, or state and federal securities (loan campaign).

What does the Board do? 

The board is responsible for strategic vision and planning. Meetings are held once per month, and cover areas such as: growth and engagement of member-owners; development of budgets and business plans; site negotiation; financing; running a loan campaign; and hiring a General Manager.  There are numerous committees that perform the actual work of those areas and report to the Board. The growth and operation of a community-based cooperative involves a medium-high level of commitment and energy. You would be part of a team, not only with other board members but also with our ever-growing membership. This is your opportunity to contribute!

What do I need to do? 

If you’re interested, contact the West Chester Cooperative via email at and we’ll arrange a time to meet and discuss your interest and provide you with a packet of detailed information. Also, feel free to contact any of the existing Board members with questions.   

Current Co-op Board Members:

Renee Ryan – President                
Judy Carrino – Vice President            
Matt Shea – Secretary            
Nelly Freed – Treasurer            

Gary Coutu – Director at Large  

Sarah Black – Director at Large    

Mike Keivit – Director at Large

Sherri Jarvis – Director at Large

Tim Drake – Director at Large  

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