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a Community-Owned Grocery

The Cooperative Difference

Local fresh food for everyone

West Chester Cooperative is working to build a member-owned, full-service grocery store in West Chester, Pennsylvania. A vibrant community hub, the store will be open to everyone and will provide exceptional, fresh, healthy, locally-focused food at fair prices, seven days a week. If you want to make it happen, become a member-owner today!

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Two Ways to Shop the Co-op Now!

Curbside Grocery Pick-up

Even before we have a permanent, full-service location, we are a Cooperative! We're offering curbside pick-up of pantry staples, prepared dinners, baked goods, sweet treats, beverages, and more, all sourced as locally as possible. GoBoxes can be picked up weekly through September 27, 2022 at our temporary storefront at 142 E. Market St.​ 

Come in to shop!
Tuesday 1-7 ∙ Thurs 2-6pm

We are open for shopping every Tuesday and Thursday in September!


 Tuesday     1:00-7:00pm

 Thursday    2:00-6:00pm


Browse the store and pick up your pantry staples, prepared dinners, meats, dairy, produce, sweet treats, beverages and more. Volunteers are on hand to assist you and answer any questions you might have.

See you 'round the Co-op!

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When will the store open? 

A look at our timeline

The West Chester Cooperative board, volunteers, member-owners, and community partners are working towards opening the doors of a full-service, brick and mortar store. Our timeline illustrates each distinct and important stage of development to bring us to the store opening.


Read more about each goal here

Current Member Owner Count:   489


“I became a member-owner because I want access to fresh, local, healthy food for my family, and for the entire West Chester community .”

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